Protests & Campaigns Against US Military Presence

Protests against the construction of a new heliport for the US Marines in the Henoko area and against any other new construction of military facilities.

Opposition to the re-location of Futenma Marine Corps Air Station.

Demands for “No Relocation” of military facilities, installations, or training within Okinawa or in other parts of the world.

Demands for changes in the Status of Forces Agreement so that US troops can be held accountable by local people and can be prosecuted by local laws if they commit crimes against Okinawan people.

Demands that the US military take responsibility for environmental cleanup.

Demands for the withdrawal of US Marines—not their removal to another location.

Support for women who sexually service US troops, and opposition to all violence against women and girls committed by US troops.

Researching information on environmental contamination of land water, and the ocean as a result of US military activities.

Discussion of alternative plans for base areas due to be returned to Okinawan control.