Women Cross DMZ

Four of us from the International Women’s Network were part of a delegation who visited North Korea and crossed the Demilitarized Zone on May 24, 2015: Kozue Akibayashi (Japan), Gwyn Kirk (continental US), Lisa Natividad (Guahan/Guam), and Suzuyo Takazato (Okinawa). The 30-woman delegation came from 15 nations and included big names like Gloria Steinem, and Nobel… Read more »

South Korea

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS IN THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK • Du Rae Bang (My Sister’s Place), Uijongbu, South Korea • National Campaign to Eradictae Crime by US Troops in Korea, Seoul • SAFE Korea, Seoul KEY FACTS ABOUT SOUTH KOREA • Korea was colonized by the Japanese government from 1910-45. Young Korean men were recruited as laborers and… Read more »