2009 Meeting: “CHinemma’, Nina’maolek, yan Inarespetu para Direchon Taotao”“ (Resistance, Resilience, and Respect for Human Rights), Guahan

September 14-19, 2009

Context for Meeting

Conscious Living; Famoksaiyan; Fuetsan Famalao’an, Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice; Guahan Indigenous Collective, Guahan Project, Global Fund for Women, Sage Project Incorporated, Women and Gender Studies Program, University of Guam hosted the 7th Meeting.

Women from Okinawa, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Hawai’i, Philippines, Australia, Republic of Belau, and the U.S. were in attendance.

Meeting Highlights

  • Guam2007poster– Workshops on Human Trafficking
  • – Cultural Performances and film screenings
  • – Country Reports and knowledge sharing on different strategies resisting militarism such as alternatives to a military economy, reclaiming toxic environments, keeping women and children safe during military training, and developing women-centered policy frameworks on human trafficking.
  • – Guam Bus Tour to historical sites, military base gates, war monuments, anticipated site of Marine location, and cultural sites (to include the Hurao Cultural Camp, Lina’la’ Cultural Center, an ancestral desecration site, Gef Pago, etc.).
  • – Community dialogue
  • – Healing Rituals
  • – Local and International Media Coverage

Read the Conference Statement International Women’s Network Against Militarism September 27, 2009 from this meeting.

More documentation of this meeting can be found at genuinesecurity.blogspot.com
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