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In November 2013, IWNAM  representatives of 8 countries (Philippines, Guahan (Guam), Japan, Okinawa, South Korea, Hawaiʻi, Puerto Rico and the United States, ) launched a two year joint campaign to oppose the Pacific Pivot and to “Save Pagan, Jeju, Oyster Bay, Henoko, Takae,” five sacred sites slated for destruction under the Pacific Pivot.

The “Pacific Pivot” is the term used by the US government and Pentagon to reflect it’s desires to shift its primary strategic positioning and resources to the Asia-Pacific region and to shift 60% of the American militaryʻs a and air power to that region by 2020.  The Asia- Pacific region, has already been the site of significant US military presence in the region dating back to the  takeovers of Hawai’i and Guam (1898), Philippine-American War (1899-1902), World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, leaving a footprint of more than 1,000 bases and/or military installations, 10 aircraft carriers, and approximately 80,000 in East Asia and the Pacific region.

The “Pacific Pivot” is actually an expansion U.S. military force and power in the region through military alliances, taking of lands for new and expanded military bases and a continued neglect of the social problems and contamination already created by US military presence in the region.

Key Problems of the Pacific Pivot include:

  • – Rebasing agreements in the Philippines and Korea
  • – Military alliances, joint training
  • – Acquisition of land for new bases and base expansion to be used by US military
  • – Destruction of sacred lands for military use,  causing irreparable impact on the environment and  indigenous peoples
  • – Construction of new bases, without environmental clean up, accountability, and victims compensation from currently polluted US foreign bases
  • – Human rights violations of local sovereignty, democracy and self- determination of local communities  (imposition of bases on communities who vehemently do not want the, such as Okinawa and Jeju)
  • – Exploitation of women through military prostitution, crimes and violence against women, children
  • – Misuse and unaccountable military spending (by US and host countries forced to pay for US military build up)
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Support the IWNAM’s efforts to Oppose the Pacific Pivot and  Save the Sacred sites of :  Pagan, Jeju, Oyster Bay, Henoko, Takae, Pohakuloa

Please sign Campaign Petitions:   We stand in solidarity with the local communities currently seeking to defend their sacred land under tremendous pressure from the United States.

Henoko, Okinawa, Japan 1ecQPUJ

Jeju Island, South Korea

Pohakuloa, Big Island, Hawai’i

Pagan Island, Northern Mariana Islands

Oyster Bay, Palawan, Philippines

We believe that long term and mutual security of the Asia Pacific region and the United states, depends on demilitarization, clean-up of contamination former bases, return of taken land to local communities, the defense of the human rights of women and local communities.  Only this can bring about genuine peace and genuine human security for the people of all our nations and our earth.