1998 Meeting: Redefining Security for Women and Children, Washington, DC, U.S.A.

October 9-13, 1998

capitolhillContext for meeting in the United States
After meeting in Okinawa in May 1997, an international group of women activists and scholars decide to meet again in Washington, DC to bring our concerns to Capitol Hill and Washington-based organizations. The Asia Pacific Center for Justice and Peace was our Washington host and we started to use the name: East Asia-US Women’s Network Against US Militarism.

Meeting Highlights

PRESS CONFERENCE at the National Press Club.

CONGRESSIONAL BRIEFING sponsored by the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and Representatives John Conyers and Barbara Lee.

PRESENTATIONS TO WASHINGTON organizations and audiences, including

  • Friends of the Earth
  • Institute for Policy Studies
  • Kay Spiritual Life Center, American University
  • Methodist Federation for Social Action
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • National Network to End Domestic Violence
  • Washington College of Law
  • Washington Peace Center


  • President’s Interagency Council on Women
  • State Department (Philippines Desk Officer)
  • Justice Department (Development office)

DISCUSSIONS on experiences and strategies to deal with

  • – US military violence against women
  • – Environmental and health effects of US military operations
  • – The situation of Amerasian children
  • – Treaties and legal agreements between the US and governments
    of South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines

GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER and also learning about progressive organizing in Black communities in Washington, DC.

WRITING a final statement for circulation to government officials, press, and social justice Networks

“Meeting is all well and good.  And I know you care about these issues.  But until members of this Congress are afraid of losing their seats if they don’t support you, you won’t get anywhere.”
John Conyers addressing the Congressional Briefing.