What we do

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Our expertise lies in…

Knowledge. We know how U.S. militarism impacts communities in the Asia-Pacific region, Puerto Rico/Vieques and the United States. See Campaigns/The Asia Pacific Pivot.

Analysis. U.S. domestic and foreign policy link communities affected by military operations and budgets in the U.S. and abroad. We use the lenses of gender, race, class, and nation to analyze these issues.

Organizing and Leadership Development. Country groups include experienced organizers working in their communities. The international meetings support this local organizing and provide opportunities for younger activists to develop leadership skills and experience.

Public Education. Many Network participants educate their communities by giving talks and workshops, making videos, taking part in radio programs, and publishing popular articles, op ed pieces, or more scholarly papers.

Art and Social Change. Network participants include visual artists, poets, writers, dancers, and performers. We see a crucial connection between cultural and artistic expression and action for social change.

Communication & Translation. We do not work only in English at International meetings as many women activists who do cutting edge work are not fluent in English. Currently, the Network uses five languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Tagalog. We have a number of dedicated interpreters/translators who see interpreting as vital political work.