2012 Meeting: “Forging Nets for Demilitarization and Genuine Security,” Puerto Rico & Vieques

February 19-24, 2012

Context for the meeting in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico delegatesUnder the theme, “Forging Networks for Demilitarization and Genuine Security”, 28 women from Philippines, Guahan (Guam), Hawai’i, Japan, S. Korea, Okinawa, Puerto Rico, Vieques, and United States came together to evaluate the growing military threat and develop strategies to counter the impact of militarism and military contamination, imperialism and systems of oppression based upon gender, race, class, nationality and sexual orientation. The 8th meeting was hosted by the Ilé Collective, Vieques Women’s Alliance, Center for Women and the New Family and sponsored by the Caribbean Project for Peace and Justice, the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques, the UPR/UNESCO Chair for Peace Education, Amnesty International of Puerto Rico, Mothers Against War, Creative Lesbian Workshop, Federation of Students of the Graduate School of Social Work University of Puerto Rico (UPR) and the Women’s Commission of the Puerto Rico Bar Association.

Meeting Highlights

    • – Welcoming by Comunidad Religiosa Jesús Mediador (Religious Community of Jesús Mediador), El Volcán, Bayamón
    • – Public Film Screening of “Living Along the Fenceline” by Lina Hoshino
    • – Visit to (Centro Mujer y Nueva Familia) Women’s Center and New Family office in Barranquitas and Conversation with Las Cimarronas
    • – Public Country Reports with Education Faculty, University of Puerto Rico Río Piedra
    • – Presentation of Country Reports
    • – Discussion with the Alliance for the Development of Ceiba
    • Visit to Vieques, meeting with Vieques Women’s Alliance and the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques at the Fort Count Mirasol Museum.
    • – Ceremony and offering for patients, survivors and ancestors of victims of cancer and military contamination.
    • – Wrote “Unanimous resolution to call on Barak Obama for immediate release of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera” and the
    • Final Declaration of International Women’s Network Against Militarism 8th Gathering: “Forging Nets for Demilitarization and Genuine Security”  

More Information

Reinat Pumarejo, Maria I. (2012) 8vo Encuentro de la Red Internacional de Mujeres en Contra del Militarismo. Claridad, El Periódico de la Nación Puertorriqueña. (Spanish)

“We recognize that the current economic recession created by capitalism has created rising poverty, massive joblessness, and a lack of decent and affordable education and healthcare in the United States, its possessions and territories. We denounce the use of economic resources to further military activity.  We denounce the disproportional recruitment of poor young people and young people of color to sustain senseless wars that only protect the interest of the wealthy.  Instead, we call for an economy of peace, an economy that will support our communities in sustainable ways, with an emphasis on providing for basic human needs, health and wellness, solidarity, and respect for the land and all peoples.”
— Excerpt from the Declaration from the 8th IWNAM Gathering, “Forging Nets for Demilitarization and Genuine Security.”