Challenging Militarized Responses & Militarism in the Time of Coronavirus: An International Feminist Teach-In (Parts 1 & 2)

Part 1 features conversations with women activists from the International Womenʻs Network Against Militarism on how coronavirus is affecting their countries, particularly its impacts on militarized communities.  Secondly, the speakers discuss their strategies & visions for demilitarization and women-led peace-building in their country and regions.  Listen to Maria Pumarejo-Reinat (Puerto Rico), hosts Margo Okazawa-Rey & Gwyn Kirk (U.S.), Joy Enomoto and Ellen-Rae Cachola (Hawaiʻi), Lisa Natividad (Guahan), Alma Bulawan (Philippines), Suzuyo Takazato (Okinawa), Kozue Akibayashi (Japan), Youkyoung Ko and Joyce Kim (South Korea)  Link to video 1:

Part 2 features conversations with Emma Leslie (Cambodia), Maria Rashid (Pakistan), Randa Siniora (Palestine), Vanessa Thompson (Germany), Daysi Flores (Honduras), and Pregs Govender (South  Africa), discussing militarized responses to the pandemic in their respective locations and activists’ responses. The emphasis was examining the impacts on women.  They also discussed what can be done to build stronger feminist international networks to address the problems that are no longer just local or national, but increasingly across borders and international. Link to video 2: