Mourning All Veterans of War Calling for Genuine Security

Veterans’ Day

November 11, 2020

Today we remember and mourn all casualties of wars and militarism, including

Veterans killed in war; those who make it home but with severe injuries, or who take their own lives because they can’t stand the flashbacks, or feelings of horror and guilt.

Family members of veterans who are impacted by their loved one’s injuries and trauma.

Everyone affected by environmental contamination from war and preparations for war.

People worldwide harmed by distorted budget priorities that fund police and militaries, especially children, students, women, people with disabilities, and older people denied services, on the argument that there is no money.

Those killed or injured in war and armed conflict including by drones and unexploded ordnance.

People forced off their traditional lands to make way for military bases and those forced to flee their homes and land due to armed conflict.

People killed and injured through the militarization of borders and police forces.

Indigenous peoples, human rights defenders, land and water protectors disappeared or assassinated by state forces, militias, and paid killers.

World War II “comfort women,” and women who work in bars, clubs, and massage parlors near military bases and encampments.

Militarism cannot solve the coronavirus pandemic, the global climate crisis, or poverty and hunger caused by current economic policies and the actions of oppressive governments. Militarized police violence, especially against communities of color and others disenfranchised all evidence the fact that militarism and war do not and cannot provide genuine security for people or the planet.

We call for the incoming US administration and local and state governments to:

Move funds from military, ICE, and police budgets to invest in communities for education, health care, housing, social services, music and arts programs.

Fund educational programs to create opportunities for youth from poor communities to thrive.

Clean up environmental contamination in former and current military spaces to safe standards for all beings.

End police violence, brutality and a culture of impunity for those who brutalize.

Rejoin international efforts to reduce the threat of nuclear war and destruction of the climate.

Commit to resolving disputes through diplomacy and other nonviolent and peaceful means.


Women for Genuine Security:; info@genuine

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